Pipiatio Classica, November 15

November 12th, 2012 by Dot Porter

Posted on behalf of José M. Ciordia (http://blog.pompilos.org):

On Thursday [November] 15 will take place a Pipiatio Classica: teachers and students of Classical Languages in Spain will write in Latin and Ancient Greek in their accounts of Twitter, in order to express their opposition to the Law Wert (an educational law detrimental to our studies) as you can read at http://www.chironweb.org/en/pipiatio-classica-2/

Everybody from anywhere is welcome to this initiative.

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  1. José M. Ciordia Says:

    Salvete, sodales.

    Gratias multas vobis agimus quia litteras nostras hinc nuntiavitis. Quod #pipiatioclassica apellavimus magnus electronicus conventus fuit in Hispanica pipiatiosphaera magistrorum et discipulorum, ita ut denique eum convocabimus.

    Χαίρετε καὶ ὑγιαίνετε πάντες, ὦ φίλοι.

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