Dumezil Online (in DJVu)

August 10th, 2005 by Gabriel Bodard

(Seen on Rogueclassicism)

AM over at Sauvage Noble points us to the existence of an amazing (potentially) site dedicated to the work of Georges Dumezil. Most (if not all) of GD’s scholarly papers are available online in DJVu format …


In addition to DM’s rant about the piecemeal way things like this are ‘published’, I wonder how much use to anyone this stuff really is in DJVu? The articles all seem to be bitmapped with no OCR, so not searchable, citeable, or repurposeable. Is this really any more ‘electronic publication’ than my making a bunch of photocopies and handing them out would be? (OK, exposure to a large audience is not negligible, of course. But still.)

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