yet another initiative for reform

January 5th, 2006 by Ross Scaife

From Scott Jaschik, A Tenure Reform Plan With Legs, Inside Higher Ed, January 5, 2006:
A special panel of the MLA is finishing a report that will call for numerous, far-reaching changes in the way assistant professors are reviewed for tenure. Among the ideas that will be part of the plan are:

  • The creation of “multiple pathways” to demonstrating research excellence. The monograph is one way, but so would be journal articles, electronic projects, textbooks, jointly written books, and other approaches.
  • The drafting of “memorandums of understanding” between new hires and departments so that those new hires would have a clear sense of expectations in terms of how they would be evaluated for tenure.
  • A commitment to treating electronic work with the same respect accorded to work published in print.
  • The setting of limits on the number of outside reviews sought in tenure cases and on what those reviewers could be asked.

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  1. Chuck Jones Says:

    Didn’t I blog this last week? Are you here in Montreal?

  2. Ross Scaife Says:

    No, I’m in Lexington this week, sorry! Hope you enjoy the meetings.

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