A URL to open Google Earth directly to a given location…

June 25th, 2006 by Ross Scaife

… would look like this:


3 Responses to “A URL to open Google Earth directly to a given location…”

  1. Stefano Costa Says:

    Is really GE the very best technology has to offer for humanities lately? I see there are so many posts about it.. I’m a bit skeptic about its real usefulness.

  2. Hafed Walda Says:

    Google Earth and Google Maps are affordable to Humanities Scholars and allows them to interact easily with location information and present information to a specific audience, be it in history, music or archaeology.

  3. Ross Scaife Says:

    I agree with Hafed Walda: these are affordable tools that put reasonable sophistication with respect to geographic information within reach. In the case of my Bronze Age Crete placemarks, Google Earth lets me see the relationship between topography and site location better than any two dimensional map has ever done. I am hopeful that that work will pay off for students in my ancient art survey course this year.

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