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Since June 7, 1998, when I put a counter on the pre-Stoa version of The Ancient City of Athens homepage, there have been several million "hits". (Actually, I think the counter stopped working correctly at about 4 million, and I have not taken the time to track down the actually statistics.). On May 18, 2004, I had a nice email from someone who told me that The Ancient City of Athens was #1 on the Google search for "Athens" -- which I have now learned is a good thing. I have also received lots of email from teachers and students telling me how they have used the images. (Thanks! It is always nice to know your work is appreciated and is having the kind of impact you had intended.)

Review of The Ancient City of Athens (J.Oakley, in Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review, 1998)

Here are some nice things people said about the previous version (pre-Stoa move) of The Ancient City of Athens.

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