Acropolis, Acropolis Mycenaean, Acropolis Archaic

Segment of the Mycenaean wall south of the Propylaia. This section of the wall was used as part of the forecourt for the "Old Propylon" (the Archaic entrance system at the west end of the Acropolis before the Persian attack in 480 BC). Even during the construction of the Propylaia in 438-432 BC, the architects and builders preserved this section of the old Mycenaean wall. Rather than simply dismantling it or removing it, they went so far as to modify the plan of the Propylaia to preserve it! The southeast corner of the southwest wing of the Propylaia was bevelled (cut at an angle) to avoid disturbing the line of the wall. The archaeologists in the photo are pointing up at the extent of the bevelled corner -- demonstrating that the Mycenaean wall was preserved several meters higher in 438 BC than it is today!