Brauron. Foundations of the temple of Artemis. The plan suggests that the temple was small building, about 19.90 meters east to west and about 10.35 meters north to south. The temple was non-peripteral (meaning that it did not have a coloumns all around, like the Hephaisteion in Athens), but probably had 2 or four columns between the wall ends (distyle or tetrastyle in antis) at the eastern side. The preserved foundations also tell us that the building probably had 2 rows of columns in the interior, as well as a back room (adyton) at the western end. View from the southwest. The date of the temple is a somewhat complicated issue. Most scholars follow the excavator (Papadimitriou) in dating the temple to the late 6th or early 5th century B.C. This photo is 4 of 4 in a panorama moving northwest to northeast (left to right). May 31, 2002.