City Eleusinion

The City Eleusinion. View from the north. At the far right side of the photo is the Post-Herulian Wall (the Late Roman fortification wall) of Athens, following the line of the Panathenaic Way. To the left of the Post-Herulian Wall, in lower section of the photo, is the Archaic peribolos wall (with polygonal masonry) of the City Eleusinion. To the left of this wall, note the large projecting rock. This is the so-called "Rocky Outcrop". It may have been an important natural focal point in the early cult of Demeter here. Near the center of the photo, running both right and left, are the remains of a Doric stoa that probably marked the southern edge of the sanctuary. Behind this stoa was another ancient road. Further upslope is the area designated Section II. (Compare Agora 31, plate 4b).August 8, 2003.