City Eleusinion

City Eleusinion. Foundations of the Temple of Triptolemos. View from the south. The large limestone block in the center foreground is the last remaining block of the south side of the temple. Near the right edge of the photo is the northeast corner of the foundations. Prior to the construction of the temple foundations, this area was used for private houses (indicating that the early sanctuary did not extend quite this far north). The expansion of the sanctuary, and the construction of the foundations of the temple, apparently took place in the early 5th century, perhaps c. 500-490 B.C. In fact, the foundations provide evidence of two phases of construction within this period. Whatever the original plan for the building, the superstructure was finished later. M. Miles (Agora 31, pp. 35-48) has argued convincingly that these foundations are for an Ionic temple (tetrastyle amphiprostyle) completed in the 2nd quarter of the 5th century B.C. (c. 475-450 B.C.). (Compare Agora 31, pl. 5c). August 8, 2003.