City Eleusinion

Lower Terrace of the City Eleusinion. This northern area may have been a storage complex consisting of four rooms opening onto a courtyard to the east (right). The complex was built sometime in the Roman era, but was cleaned out an reused in the early Byzantine period. In the small courtyard to the east (right) of the rooms, archaeologists discovered foundations for several monuments or altars, suggesting that this complex had some religious significance. It is not uncommon for sanctuaries to have storage facilities. In fact, storage magazines (granaries) have also been found at Eleusis. For this reason, the Roman storage complex in the Lower Terrace should be considered part of the City Eleusinion. (See Agora 31, pp. 87-88). View from the south. (Compare Agora 31, plate 11a). August 8, 2003.