City Eleusinion

Section II. Remains of some Byzantine houses were found here. This area had been badly disturbed by later buildings. In fact, there used to be a church (the Church of the Hypanti, 17th century A.D.) in the foreground of the photo. Since Section II is separated from the City Eleusinion by a street, it is unclear if it was part of the sanctuary or not. However, many objects relating to the Eleusinian cult were found in Section II, including a good many examples of a special shape of ceramic vessel called a "plemochoe" (Agora 31, pp. 95-103). Ancient sources tell us that this shape was associated with the rituals of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Since these vessels seem to have been deliberately buried in the area (a common thing to find in Greek sanctuaries), it is likely that Section II did have some kind of relationship to the City Eleusinion (Agora 31, pp. 81-83). View from the north. (Compare Agora 31, plate 16a). August 8, 2003.