East Slope

The East Slope. The East Cave is at the upper left. The rock-cut bedding for the stele is near the very center of the photo. At the lower right edge of the photo you can see part of the trench where the "True Aglaureion" inscription was found in 1980. It is important to note that the inscription was NOT found in the East Cave (as is sometimes stated). In fact, it was found a considerable distance downslope from the cave. Since the inscription was found intact (in one piece) and still attached to its base (a very unusual find), most scholars agree that the inscription was in situ (in its orginal location) when it was discovered. For this reason I feel that it is premature to call the East Cave the "Cave of Aglauros". If the Aglaureion really is to be located on the East Slope, the available evidence suggests that it lies downslope to the east. Photo taken February 6, 2000.