The Kerameikos. Fountainhouse at the Dipylon Gate. The front of the fountain was on the left, where you can see two round column bases for Ionic columns. A third column once stood between them. The floor of the front section (service area) of the fountainhouse was made of Hymettian marble. At the far right (north) are the darker, limestone blocks of the draw basin (reservoir). This draw basin was L-shaped and extended across both the western and northern side. There would have been a parapet made of marble slabs separating the draw basin from the service area. If you look carefully, you can see places where the flowing water has worn depressions into the marble slabs of the floor, at right. The fountain may date from the 4th century B.C..although some scholars would prefer a 5th century construction date. View from the southeast.

For the fountainhouse, see Knigge 1991, pp. 74-75, no. 4.