Lysikrates Monument

Street of the Tripods. The foundations of another large choregic monument to the north of the Lysikrates Monument. Excavations in the basements of building along modern Odhos Tripodhon have uncovered other foundations, too. The extent of the Street of the Tripods has important topographical implications for locating other monuments, sanctuaries, and public buildings of ancient Athens (suhc as the Prytaneion). Some scholars feel that the Street of the tropids extended only as far as the northeastern side of the Acropolis, while others think that it extended farther along the north slope, possible as far as the City Eleusinion. At present, there is no definitive answer. BUT, excavations (mostly in the basements of houses and no longer visible) by the Greek archaeological service on the north side of the Acropolis (in the area of the old Capodistrian University) have discovered more foundations that closely resemble the ones seen here. Photo taken January 30, 2000.