Acropolis, North Slope, Acropolis North Wall, Acropolis Archaic, North Slope General

Detail of the unfinished columns drums of the Older Parthenon built into the north wall. Clearly visible on several of the drums are the projecting knobs of marble (lifting bosses) used help maneuver the block into position on the temple. These "lifting bosses" would have been carved away on the completed temple and the drums fluted. Several other drums in this photo are already fluted for a short distance on the bottom. This fluting indicates that these drums would have rested directly on the top step (or stylobate) of the temple. (Normally, the fluting of the columns would be one of the very LAST details to be finished. This would ensure that all of the column drum were aligned correctly prior to fluting, and it would prevent any accidental damage to the flutes while the construction workers were still bringing materials in and out of the building. The lower parts of the bottom drums, however, were fluted BEFORE the columns were all in place so that the marble carvers would not run the risk of damaging the top step [stylobate] later on.).