Acropolis, South Slope, Dionysos

Theater of Dionysos, central section of theatron. Thrones of Pentelic marble inscribed with the names of priests or other dignitaries. In the very center of the first row is the throne of the priest of Dionysos Eleuthereus. This throne is much more elaborate than the others. Its legs are carved in the shape of lion's paws. The inscription showing that that this was the throne of the priest of Dionysos is on the flat space between the feet. The panel above the inscription has a carved relief of two male figures in Persian costume, each kneeling and holding a griffon by the throat in one hand and a sword or scimitar in the other. The backrest has a relief of two satyrs carrying a yoke with a bunch of grapes hanging from it. Each arm is decorated with a relief of a winged boy participating in a cock-fight. View from the south and slightly west.