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  • Replace the older images (35O pixels tall) with larger files from the Photo-CDs. There are 300+ images to replace in the main iView catalogue, and most of those will require some cropping and other adjustments. For now, I will create the web catalogues with images scaled to 640 x 480. If it is desirable to post even larger files on the website in the future, iView can generate those catalogues easily.
  • Add more detailed photos from the digital images I took while teaching at the American School of Classical Studies 2002-2004.
  • Add a few more sites in Attica, beginning with Eleusis, Marathon, Sounion, and Peiraieus. 
  • Complete the introductory paragraphs for each site. I do not intend to duplicate information already available on the Greek Ministry of Culture website, Perseus, etc.
  • Create a section in "Essays & Other Resources" with links to related websites.
  • Compose other essays on various topics. My idea here is to give some necessary and useful background information that could be used as handouts. (That is, things my students ask about.). I have in mind to begin with: important Athenian myths, how to "read" a Greek temple, the archaeology of democracy, something about chronology ("How do we know how old it is?"), the sacred and civil calendar, list of Athenian religious festivals.
  • Create catalogues to supplement each chapter of J. Camp's The Archaeology of Athens and J. Hurwit's The Athenian Acropolis?