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Christopher W. Blackwell, edition of March 26, 2003

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· Foreign Policy: Receiving Ambassadors ·

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When ambassadors from other states came to do business with Athens, they appeared before the Assembly.

Read about the evidence
Aeschines (Aeschin. 2).
Demosthenes (Dem. 7).
Aeschines (Aeschin. 3).
Demosthenes (Dem. 19).
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Aeschines mentions an occasion on which Philocrates moved, in the Assembly, that Athens send out ten ambassadors to Philip for the purpose of inviting Philip to send his own ambassadors to Athens (Aeschin. 3.63). Just as the Assembly could send out embassies and hear their reports when they returned, it could also receive embassies from foreign powers. Aeschines mentions a motion before the Assembly to receive ambassadors from Cersobleptes (Aeschin. 2.83), and a decree granting safe passage to ambassadors from Philip (Aeschin. 2.109). Ambassadors from Philip and other states came before the Assembly to make their case (Dem. 7.19, Dem. 19.111). Foreign ambassadors might mount the platform to be questioned before the Assembly (Aeschin. 3.72). The Assembly might vote special honors for foreign ambassadors, such as a free dinner in the Prytaneum (Dem. 19.234) or choice seats for a play in the Theater of Dionysus (Dem. 19.111).

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