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Athenian Political Art from the fifth and fourth centuries: Images of Tribal (Eponymous) Heroes 

Amy C. Smith, edition of January 18 2003

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Akamas (tribe: Akamantis)

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Diodorus (Diod.).
Apollodorus (Apollod. E.).
Scholia (Sch. Thuc.).
Strabo (Strab.).
Lycophron (Lycoph.).
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Mythology: Akamas was a son of Theseus, and brother of Demophon (Ilias Parva fr. 17 Kinkel, Iliupersis fr. 3 K). His maternity was disputed, however (his mother is said to be Phaidra [Diod. 4.62; Apollod. Epit. 1.18], Ariadne [Schol. Hom. Od. 11.321], or Antiope, by association). He is associated with colonisations in the Chersonnese (with Antimachos: Sch. Thuc. 1.11), at Cyprus (Strab. 6.83; with Phaleros: Lycophron 494 ff.).

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Pausanias (Paus.).
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Worship: Akamas’ tribal shrine was at Kallithea (Xypete or Alopeke): see Athens, EM 13354/Athens, EM 13354a (ca. 361/0). He was also worshipped with his siblings (children of Theseus) at Phaleron (Paus. 1.1.4) and at Dipylon, with Zeus Orkeios and Hermes (IG II2, 4983).

Tribal connection: A fragmentary inscription, Agora XV 128 (IG II2, 917; published in Hesperia 9 [1940] 116), may record a tribal priesthood.

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