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Christopher W. Blackwell, edition of May 16, 2003

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· Things Planned for the Project ·

Better (i.e. more thorough) tagging of secondary sources.

An explicit article on the status of women in Athens.

Other big articles: Archons and Military come to mind. Thirty Tyrants would be nice, too.

Other Biographies: Draco, Solon, Cleisthenes, Themistocles, Pericles, Theramenes, Alcibiades, and Lycurgus.

Re-doing the whole citation scheme, including all <bibl> tags, to take advantage of Neel Smith’s proposed centralized registry of ancient sources.

Better normalization of place-name and personal-names. Hook up with John Trail for Athenian people, and the Registry of Ancient Geographic Entities for place-names.

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