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Call for Translations

Are you a poet who has embarked on a translation project and would like to find a suitable venue for your labors? Are you a teacher who is willing to share with a wider audience the translations which you've made for your courses? Are you a student of Classics or of Egyptology or of a similar discipline, and have become intrigued by a text, and wonder why no-one else seems to hold it in the esteem that you do?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, know that Diotima's Anthology is always looking to add to its collection of translated ancient texts pertaining to women or gender.

We welcome relevant submissions of all sorts, complete texts as well as selected excerpts from larger works.

Below is a list of just a few of the possibilities. We intended it both as a wish-list and as a sample to spark your own imagination.

Full Texts: Selected Excerpts on Women/Gender from:

Again, other additions would be most welcome. The Translation Editor for Diotima's Anthology is John T. Quinn of Hope College. Please contact him ( ) if you would like to submit your own translations for inclusion in this anthology, which is intended as a place for on-line browsing and as a vehicle for the distribution of translated primary sources in course packets.