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CLASSICS 300 - The Roots of Western Sexuality
Dr. J. Francis, Rollins College (Fall 1993)


As specified in the syllabus, each of you is required to make one report in the course of the semester on an outside reading. You are to prepare a BRIEF SUMMARY of the reading, NOT MORE THAN ONE PAGE IN LENGTH, to be distributed to the class. Put the title of the reading (including title of the book or journal and page numbers if it is an article) at the top of the page of your summary. You are then to deliver ORALLY the essence of the reading with comments as to its relevance to the course, how it contributes to knowledge of the field, and/or the ways it criticizes or supports other texts and authors read for the course. The oral report is also to be BRIEF, around 10-15 minutes, certainly no longer than 15.

The list below has been revised from the original course syllabus, since there are now more students in the course than there were reports listed originally. The dates and topics on this sheet are correct and supersede those listed on the syllabus. In addition, one other book has been added to the library reserve from which reports will be taken: R. Just, Women in Athenian Law and Life. In some cases, I personally own a text the library does not have; I will make a copy of it for you.

Look over the topics and dates to see what topics interest you and what dates fit with work required for your other courses. To assist your selection, the general topic of the reading(s) is listed in italics first after the date, in cases where the topic is not obvious from the title. MAKE A 1ST AND 2ND CHOICE (perhaps even a 3rd), and we'll parcel out the reports next class.

Sept 27 - B. Zweig, "The Mute Nude Female Characters in
          Aristophanes' Plays," P&R, pp. 73-89.

Oct   4 - Marriage & motherhood in classical Athens:
          1) S. Pomeroy, Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves:
             Women in Classical Antiquity, pp. 57-78.
          2) R. Just, Women in Athenian Law and Life, pp. 40-75.

      6 - 1) Women in Greek mythology: Pomeroy, pp. 1-31.
          2) Women in Athenian politics & law: R. Just, Women in
             Athenian Law and Life, pp. 13-39.

     11 - 1) The Archaic Age & Sappho: Pomeroy, pp. 32-56.
          2) Women & private life in Athens: Pomeroy, pp. 79-92.
     13 - 1) D. Halperin, "The Democratic Body: Prostitution and
             Citizenship in Classical Athens," in 100 Years, pp.
          2) The Greek view of the biology of female sexuality:
             A. Hanson, "The Medical Writer's Woman." (see
             instructor for text)

     18 - Images of Women in Greek literature: Pomeroy, pp. 93-

     20 - Women in Greek tragedy: E. Keuls, Reign of the Phallus,
          pp. 329-348.

     25 - L. Taaffe, "The Illusion of Gender Disguise in
          Aristophanes' Ecclesiasuzae." (see instructor for

     27 - 1) An introduction to Gay Studies: D. Halperin, 100
             Years, pp. 1-12.
          2) J. Winkler, "Laying Down the Law: The Oversight of
             Men's Sexual Behavior in Classical Athens," in
             Constraints of Desire, pp. 45-70.

Nov   3 - Was male homosexual erotic painting pornographic?:
          H. Shapiro, "Eros in Love: Pederasty and Pornography in
          Greece," in P&R, pp. 53-72.

     10 - Plato's Symposium: D. Halperin, "Why Is Diotima a
          Woman?" in 100 Years, pp. 113-151.

     17 - 1) The Roman matron: Pomeroy, pp. 149-189.
          2) Roman erotic painting: M. Meyerwitz, "The
             Domestication of Desire: Ovid's Parva Tabella and
             the Theater of Love," in P&R, pp. 131-157.

     22 - Catullus' life and career (see instructor for sources).

     24 - Ovid's life and career (see instructor for sources).

                      *** THANKSGIVING ***

     29 - H. Montague, "Sweet and Pleasant Passion: Female and
          Male Fantasy in Ancient Romance Novels," in P&R, pp.

Dec   1 - J. Pinault, "The Medical Case for Virginity in the
          Early Second Century C.E.: Soranus of Ephesus,
          Gynecology 1.32." (see instructor for text).