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Women in Antiquity: CLAS 330/HUM 330/WS 330 (3 units)
Presession, Summer 1995: Monday, May 15 - Saturday, June 3
9:00 -11:50 AM MTWTHF ML 312
Instructor: Marilyn B. Skinner (

Books on Reserve for Book Reports

The following books have been placed on reserve at the desk in the current periodicals room of the main library. All are on seven-day reserve. You may select any one of these books to report on. Since the number of books is limited, and there are a large number of students enrolled in this course, do not wait until the last minute to do your report assignment. Your chances of getting a book that interests you are better if you start the assignment early.

DG 91.B3 1975
Balsdon, Roman Women.
Published before the contemporary women's movement. Witty and easy to read, but I would expect a careful critique of the author's assumptions.
DG78 B37 1993
Barton, Sorrows of the Ancient Romans.
Not a book on ancient woman, but rather on the Roman cultural ideology of the gladiator. Sheds interesting light on the political and sexual aspects of Roman masculinity.
HQ 1136.B38 1992
Bauman, Women and Politics in Ancient Rome.
Political activities of elite women.
HQ 76.2R6 C3613 1992
Cantarella, Bisexuality in the Ancient World.
General survey of the evidence.
HQ 1134.C3513
Cantarella, Pandora's Daughters.
Status of women in the ancient world.
HQ 1134.D36 1994
Demand, Birth, Death and Motherhood in Classical Greece.
Medical and social aspects of childbearing and motherhood in antiquity.
HQ 511.D59 1992
Dixon, The Roman Family.
Standard work on Roman family relations and family ideology.
HQ 759.D59 1988
Dixon, The Roman Mother.
Standard work on the social construction of Roman motherhood.
DF 93.D8
DuBois, Centaurs and Amazons.
Cultural meanings of those mythic emblems. Not an easy read, but challenging.
HQ 1136.G37 1986
Gardner, Women in Roman Law and Society.
The standard work on Roman women's legal position.
GN 803.G55 1982
Gimbutas, Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe.
Evidence for the cult of the mother-goddess and her son-consort in stone age Europe. Needs critical attitude--approach has been questioned.
HQ792.G73 G65 1990
Golden, Children and Childhood in Classical Athens.
This is not strictly a book on ancient women, but anyone interested in the history of childhood will find it fascinating.
HQ 1134.J87 1989
Just, Women in Athenian Law and Life.
Considers the status of women in Athens from a legal and ideological perspective.
HQ 1134.K48 1985
Keuls, The Reign of the Phallus.
Fifth-century B.C. Athens as a "phallocracy." Relies heavily on vase paintings; some are X-rated.
BL 625.7K73 1992
Kraemer, Her Share of the Blessings.
Religious belief and practice among pagan, Jewish and Christian women.
HQ 510.L3
Lacey, The Family in Classical Greece.
Still the standard work on all aspects of Greek family relations and the organization of the household.
PA 3016.W7 L4 1981b
Lefkowitz, Heroines and Hysterics.
Those interested in ancient medicine will find her second chapter quite intriguing. Well-written, easily understood.
BL 795.W6L44 1986B
Lefkowitz, Women in Greek Myth.
Attempts to explain away supposed "misogynistic" aspects of myth. This author is politically conservative.
HQ 1127.L4 1986
Lerner, The Creation of Patriarchy.
Traces the social origins of patriarchal culture.
PA 3136.L6713 l987
Loraux, Tragic Ways of Killing a Woman.
Deaths of women as represented in Greek tragedy.
HQ 1137.E3P65 1984
Pomeroy, Women in Hellenistic Egypt.
Standard treatment of women's lives in Egypt in this era.
HQ 1137.E3 R63 1993b
Robins, Gay. Women in Ancient Egypt.
A comprehensive, accessible survey of evidence for the lives of ancient Egyptian women prior to the conquest of Alexander.
HQ 13.R6813 1988
Rousselle, Porneia.
Ancient male and female attitudes toward the body and health. Difficult.
HQ 1134.S3
Schaps, Economic Rights of Women in Ancient Greece.
Study of women's legal position.
PA 3074.S77 1993
Strauss, Fathers and Sons in Athens.
Cultural notions of fatherhood and father-son relations.
PA 3067.S69 1989
Snyder, The Woman and the Lyre.
Women writers in ancient Greece and Rome.