Dates, dating formulae, ages


month names

ἔτι καὶ μηνεὶ <rs type="monthnymRef="months.xml#Ξανθικός">Ξανθικῷ</rs>

mentioned date

ἐτελεύτισεν <date>μινὶ Παυνὶ ἑβδόμι</date>
<calendar xml:id="creationOfWorld">
 <p>"Since the creation of the world"</p>
<!-- -->
μηνὶ Ἰουνίου εἰς <num>κ</num> ἔτους <num>ςωϞ</num>

age at death

biuerunt <date dur="P70Y9M">annos plus minus septuaginta menses IX</date>
(IRT: 844)
uixit <date dur="P3Y6M14D">annos III menses VI dies XIIII</date>
(IRT: 835)

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