Indexing and controlling persons and names


When person-referencess and/or individual names are tagged in the epigraphic text (see under Personal names) it may also be useful to maintain an authority of names or persons (onomasticon or prosopography), either in TEI or in an external database format.

 <person xml:id="person1">
  <persName xml:lang="grc">Κόστας</persName>
  <persName xml:lang="ru">Коста</persName>
  <persName xml:lang="en">Kostas</persName>
  <floruit notBefore="1451notAfter="1452">
   <seg xml:lang="ru">1451–1452 гг.</seg>
   <seg xml:lang="en">1451–1452 C.E.</seg>
 <person xml:id="person2">
  <persName xml:lang="grc">Θεόδωρος</persName>
  <persName xml:lang="ru">Феодор</persName>
  <persName xml:lang="en">Theodoros</persName>
  <floruit notBefore="1439notAfter="1439">
   <seg xml:lang="ru">1439 г.</seg>
   <seg xml:lang="en">1439 C.E.</seg>
<!-- example from IOSPE -->
 <nym xml:id="Ἰωάννης">
 <nym xml:id="Κόστα">
 <nym xml:id="Στέφανος">
<!-- example from IOSPE -->

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