Place authority lists/gazetteers


A project that tags place and geographic names in transcribed text, or references to places in history of object, is strongly advised to link these names to an internal authority list of places, or to an external gazetteer, such as Pleiades or similar.

 <place xml:id="p001">
  <placeName xml:lang="ru">Белгород-Днестровский</placeName>
  <placeName xml:lang="en">Belgorod-Dnestrovsky</placeName>
  <placeName xml:lang="grc">Τύρας</placeName>
  <idno type="pleiades"></idno>
 <place xml:id="p003">
  <placeName xml:lang="ru">Херсон</placeName>
  <placeName xml:lang="en">Chersonesos</placeName>
  <placeName xml:lang="grc">Χερσόνησος</placeName>
  <idno type="pleiades"></idno>

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These authority lists will often be linked to and from geographical terms in the text, and in the history of the object. See Place names and geographical terms mentioned in the text and Dates and locations of modern observations.

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