Military, religious, socio-economic terminology


Military terminology, titulature, religious indicators, social/political/economic vocabulary, all terms in EDH, are not often tagged in EpiDoc projects, although they can be useful if crosswalking to EAGLE is desired.

One way of extracting this terminology is through the vocabulary, using the lemma attribute of the <w> element (see explanation under Titles and Offices).

Another way could be using the <rs> element and the different values of the type attribute could be similar to the categories used by the EDH. A key or a ref attribute could point to an authority list (see External Authorities (non-TEI)).

<rs type="military">
(IRT: 108)
 <rs type="socecon">Building dedication to Tiberius for road paving</rs>
(IRT: 330)

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Date: 2017-12-12