Line breaks


EpiDoc follows TEI practice in marking line breaks on the support (as opposed to verse lines) using the lb, though the expansion "line-begins" is in many ways a more useful way of thinking about this element. lb is an empty element to mark the point at which the line breaks (or begins).

Because there is no containing element encapsulating lines, any information about the numbering, rendition, or condition of an entire line needs to be marked in an attribute on the preceding lb. For this reason, therefore, it is our convention to place an lb at the beginning of every epigraphic line in the edition, including the first. Any rend or numbering attributes on that lb refer to all text between the current and the following line-break. (See example below.)

according to london: 5

<lb n="5"/>abc

Transformation using the example EpiDoc P5 stylesheets:

  • London style: abc

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