Editorial restoration: Characters lost and restored tentatively



Where text not present in the source is supplied (whether conjecturally or from other witnesses) to fill an apparent gap in the text, supplied may be used. supplied signifies text supplied by the transcriber or editor for any reason, typically because the original cannot be read because of physical damage or loss to the original.

reason indicates why the text has had to be supplied.

supplied indicates text lost from the original support, restored by the editor either by comparison with other texts or through other contextual knowledge.

Required attributes:

Optional attributes include:

Panciera 1991: [?abc]

<supplied reason="lostcert="low">abc</supplied>

ἡμετέρ<supplied reason="lostcert="low">α μήτηρ</supplied>

Bon<supplied reason="lostcert="low">ifatius</supplied>

Transformation using the example EpiDoc P5 stylesheets:

  • London style: Bon[ifatius?]
(IRT: 13)
<supplied reason="lostcert="low">τόκους</supplied>

Transformation using the example EpiDoc P5 stylesheets:

  • Duke Databank style: [τόκους(?)]
(DDbDP: bgu.1.101#34)

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Date: 2017-12-12