Vacat Measured in Other Units


Space left on stone, expressed in units other than characters or lines (e.g. pages, cm)

A space should be used wherever there is an intentional space left on the support: i.e. a space that never contained text (vacat). A unit attribute should record the units of measurement in whatever form the editor requires (common values include "metre", "cm"), and a quantity attribute should record the number of such units measured. A type attribute may be used in order to indicate the reason for the empty space; possible values include hole, damage, decoration, indent, etc.).

Panciera 1991 XI.2; Sosin 2011: (vac.4.2cm)

<space extent="4.2unit="cm"/>

Transformation using the example EpiDoc P5 stylesheets:

  • Default (Panciera) style: ( vac. )

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