Basic Site/Feature Information Recording Guidelines

In order for your data to be accepted by the Stoa Consortium and registered correctly we ask that you submit some basic supplementary information along with your data.

Project Level Information will help us and others accurately identify your project in the registry. This information should be submitted as a separate ASCII file.

Record Level Information will ensure that each piece of data you submit is associated with your project and has a unique identity in the registry. Record level information should be submitted in a tab delimited ASCII file.

These submission guidelines have been derived from the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set. The Dublic Core Metadata Initiative provides an internationally recognized common core of semantics for resource description. For more information about the Dublin Core Initiative, please visit the Dublic Core Initiative web site.

Project Level Information

Please provide the following information about your project. The following example illustrates how to write a project file for submission:
Project Name: Perseus Project
Project Contact: Chow Yun Fat
Contact Email Address:
Other Contributor: John Woo
Type of Data Submitted: Geographic Coordinates
Original Purpose of Data Collection: Coordinates for new Perseus atlas
Method/Process Outline: Data collected according to Stoa GPS Guidelines 
Modifications: None

  1. Project Name: The name of the project or organization for which the data has been collected

  2. Project Contact/Author or Creator: The name of the project director or project head. Please include a current email or standard mail address.

  3. Other Contributor:
    A person or organization not specified as Author or Creator who has made significant intellectual contributions to the resource but whose contribution is secondary to the Author or Creator.

  4. Format or Type of data submitted:
    The data format of the resource (i.e. waypoint, photograph, QTVR, etc.).

  5. Original purpose for the data collection:
    For what reason was the data orginally collected?

  6. Outline the method and process of data capture:
    Briefly describe how the data was captured. Please include the type of equipment used (i.e. uncorrected handheld GPS, DGPS, basestation...)

  7. Has this data been modified in any way from its initial capture state? If so, in what way (i.e. was the data corrected during post-processing)?
    Briefly describe any modifications you have made to the data after data capture and prior to submission.

Record Level Information:

Please provide the following information, including the record itself in a tab delimited file. The following example illustrates how a waypoint file should be submitted:

Resource ID	Date	Datum	Latitude	Longitude	Name ID	Region	General Region

001	1998-08-05	WGS-84	41.0800	24.4200 WHOVILLE	Nowhere Place	Nowhere Land	
002	1998-07-01	WGS-84	23.8230	54.4258	CLOUDCUKOOLAND	Washington D.C.	USA
  1. Resourse Identifier or Data ID:
    String or number used to uniquely identify the resource.

  2. Date the data was recorded:
    Use an 8 digit number in the form YYYY-MM-DD as defined by ISO 8601 For example, 1999-01-12.

  3. Datum:
    Check the GPS unit settings for Datum information.

  4. Latitude from GPS unit in decimal degrees.
    n.b. most GPS units allow users to change the coordinate units to a variaty of settings, including decimal degrees.

  5. Longitude from GPS unit in decimal degrees.
    see note above

  6. A Short descriptive name:
    The name of the object you are recording

  7. Region:
    The name of a province, state, area, or region in which your coordinate is located.

  8. General Region:
    The country in which your point is located

Robert Chavez
Stoa/Perseus Project



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