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Cascading Set of Features for the NS collaborative system

Guests may

  • search the database in various ways (including with regular expressions and Boolean operators) and view entries
  • see the original source text in various display flavors of Greek (including transliterated, SGreek, SMK GreekKeys Athenian, Unicode, and TLG "beta code")
  • click on "next" or "previous" buttons in search results to see nearby entries
  • follow any links to external resources (e.g. Perseus, BMCR, or Gnomon)
  • send an e-mail directly to the translator or editor of a particular entry with comments or questions
  • read logs of recent activity
  • update their user profiles (select Greek font display and preferred Perseus mirror for links)
  • see a roster of all active participants

Translators may also

  • request, translate, and modify specific entries
  • receive lexical and morphological assistance via links to the on-line Liddell Scott Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek from the Perseus Project
  • implement links from their own work to external internet resources

Editors may also

  • modify entries
  • assign status to entries (draft, low, high)
  • comment on the nature of the modifications they have made

Managing Editors may also

  • generate e-mail to specific categories of participants
  • approve pending registrations
  • assign and reassign and unassign entries
  • review the progress made by particular contributors
  • see the status of a particular entry
  • assume another participant's identity if necessary, e.g. to reset a lost password

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