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Olynthus: Standard Vocabulary for Graves Table


EC East Cemetery
NC North Cemetery
RC Riverside Cemetery
NHill Grave on the North Hill
SHill Grave on the South Hill

Grave Types

See the discussion in Olynthus 11, pp. 144-173.

bathtub inhumation in bathtub
built tomb built Macedonian chamber tomb (one excavated)
cremation cremation burial
cremation in pot cremation burial, ashes place in pot
cremation under gabled tilecremation burial, covered with tiles laid edge to edge to form a small gable.
disturbed grave was disturbed
flat tile inhumation set in a "coffin" made of tiles laid on end around the corpse, and with tiles laid flat over the top.
gabled tile similar to flat tile, but with tiles on top of the grave laid edge to edge forming a gable
gabled tile double inhumation surrounded by double layer of tiles
multiple multiple inhumation
multiple unprotected multiple inhumation without covering.
multiple, gabled tile multiple inhumation in gabled tile (child only)
multiple, in sarcophagus one sarcophagus held 2 adults
pot burial in transport amphora or other vessel (mostly children)
pot, open one child in a large open vessel
sarcophagus inhumation in a stone sarcophagus
stone slab inhumation with slabs of stone set around to protect burial
tile inhumation within tile surround; unclear whether covering was gabled or flat.
tile and pot one child burial was covered with a rooftile and part of a transport amphora
unprotected unprotected inhumation
wooden coffin inhumation found with nails around, the remains of some sort of wooden coffin