Coin of Olynthus
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Text of Household and City Organization at Olynthus

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Database of Houses, Rooms and Objects at Olynthus, linked to Site Plan
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Coin of Olynthus

Summary of Objects by Room

HouseRoomType Number of loomweights
A -1iroom7
A -42room3
A -5fcourt2
A 10bN. room24
A 10dN. room3
A 11aroom3
A 11broom2
A 11croom5
A 11droom25
A 11eroom3
A 11froom1
A 11gcourt6
A 11hroom2
A 11iroom1
A 11jroom9
A 11malley8
A 12aroom9
A 12croom1
A 12froom1
A 12jcourt1
A 12kirregular1
A 13aroom7
A 13droom2
A 13hroom1
A 13icourt3
A 13jroom7
A 3epastas8
A 8akitchen3
A 8cshop1
A 8dpastas7
A 8eshop2
A 8gcourt3
A 8hentrance3
A 9bN. room1
A 9lcourt1
A iii 9-5
A iv 10-public5
A iv 3dpastas3
A iv 3jflue1
A iv 5bN. room1
A iv 5cN. room4
A iv 5firregular2
A iv 5iS. room2
A iv 7ashop8
A iv 7dandron1
A iv 7eroom2
A iv 9aN. room31
A iv 9centrance3
A iv 9epastas3
A iv 9gS. room71
A iv 9hcourt7
A iv Stoa-public4
A v 1cN. room1
A v 1dpastas3
A v 1fS. room4
A v 1gcourt2
A v 1jroom2
A v 10bkitchen1
A v 10dshop5
A v 10hcourt9
A v 10ishop7
A v 2aN. room15
A v 2dpastas2
A v 2fcourt9
A v 2groom14
A v 3bN. room2
A v 3eN. room2
A v 3fN. room3
A v 3hcourt17
A v 3jroom6
A v 4dpastas room18
A v 4iroom1
A v 5cN. room7
A v 5hexedra18
A v 5icourt5
A v 6aandron1
A v 6bN. room9
A v 6cN. room4
A v 6ekitchen5
A v 6hpastas4
A v 6iroom2
A v 6kportico1
A v 7ashop5
A v 7bN. room1
A v 7centrance3
A v 7dN. room2
A v 7ecourt3
A v 7/alleyalley20
A v 9eroom24
A v 9hroom22
A v 9jroom18
A v 9mexedra19
A vi 10gcourt2
A vi 2aN. room6
A vi 2bkitchen3
A vi 2b*flue4
A vi 2cpastas12
A vi 3aentrance3
A vi 3cN. room5
A vi 3dpastas1
A vi 3e*portico1
A vi 3froom1
A vi 3groom1
A vi 4aN. room1
A vi 4bN. room1
A vi 4dflue1
A vi 4ekitchen5
A vi 4fpastas1
A vi 4gpastas1
A vi 4landron3
A vi 5fkitchen1
A vi 5gcourt1
A vi 6jandron1
A vi 9bN. room2
A vi 9ientrance2
A vii 1bN. room1
A vii 1hcourt12
A vii 10bkitchen2
A vii 10hcourt7
A vii 10jroom1
A vii 2akitchen2
A vii 2bN. room2
A vii 2cN. room2
A vii 2dpastas6
A vii 2hS. room2
A vii 3bN. room15
A vii 3dstable3
A vii 3eroom1
A vii 4bN. room23
A vii 4fpastas4
A vii 4hshop3
A vii 4icourt16
A vii 6jkitchen7
A vii 6kflue4
A vii 9croom8
A viii 1gcourt1
A viii 1kroom32
A viii 10aroom0
A viii 10gcourt7
A viii 10iroom6
A viii 2jflue2
A viii 2nkitchen4
A viii 3nroom1
A viii 4ckitchen4
A viii 4mexedra4
A viii 7bN. room50
A viii 7dpastas247
A viii 8bN. room4
A xi 10ckitchen57
A xi 8-incomplete37
A xi 9eportico5
A xii 9aN. room1
A xii 9bN. room2
A xii 9dpastas4
A xii 9eS. room2
A xii 9fcourt4
A xii 9groom1
A xiii 10aN. room3
A xiii 10bpastas1
A xiii 10fkitchen4
A 10NW 12N. room1
A 10NW 12*room3
A 10NW 12**room1
A 9NW 42
A 9NW 6andron2
B i 5dpastas5
B v 1cN. room6
B v 1fcourt1
B v 1ikitchen1
B vi 1epastas1
B vi 1hkitchen2
B vi 1iflue2
B vi 10bincomplete1
B vi 10croom4
B vi 10dpastas1
B vi 10eincomplete2
B vi 10fcourt4
B vi 10gshop1
B vi 2ekitchen1
B vi 2gshop2
B vi 3aN. room1
B vi 3gpastas3
B vi 3icourt3
B vi 3jkitchen1
B vi 4aN. room4
B vi 4cN. room1
B vi 4hroom1
B vi 4kbath1
B vi 5hpastas19
B vi 5kcourt2
B vi 5lexedra10
B vi 6aincomplete3
B vi 6droom2
B vi 6eincomplete1
B vi 7aN. room2
B vi 7bentrance1
B vi 7c2N. room1
B vi 7dpastas1
B vi 7e1pastas room3
B vi 7e2room5
B vi 7fandron3
B vi 7gcourt3
B vi 7jroom1
B vi 7kirregular1
B vi 8aN. room2
B vi 8dpastas1
B vi 8epastas room1
B vi 8fentrance1
B vi 8groom2
B vi 9cN. room1
B vi 9mcourt8
B vi 9dshop2
B vi 9efpastas1
B vi 9iroom3
B vi 9kexedra1
B vii 2gpastas9
B vii 2hshop1
C -x 5aincomplete3
C -x 5groom3
C -x 7froom0
C -x 7gcourt8
D iii 4bc12
D v 6aroom6
D v 6broom14
D v 6cirregular1
D v 6dN. room10
D v 6eshop4
D v 6froom3
D v 6ishop8
D v 6nshop7
D v 6qroom1
D vii 4-trial trench3
ESH 4fcourt1
ESH 4hkitchen39
nr. H.Comedianlroom1
nr. H.Comedianmroom9
H.Comediangpastas room5
H.Many ColorsaN. room41
H.Many Colorsblight well34
H.Many ColorscN. room1
H.Many Colorsepastas2
H.Many Colorsfanteroom2
H.Many Colorsgbath4
H.Many Colorshflue11
H.Many Colorsicourt11
H.Many Colorskkitchen1
H.Tiled Pro.aN. room2
H.Tiled Pro.bN. room1
H.Tiled Pro.croom1
H.Tiled Pro.epastas2
H.Tiled Pro.hportico1
H.Tiled Pro.kirregular1
H.Tiled Pro.lportico1
H.Twin Erotesbflue2
H.Twin Erotesepastas1
H.Twin Erotesfportico3
H.Twin Eroteshandron1
S. VillaaN. room7
S. Villajkitchen6
Sec. GArea 19room0
Sec. GArea 23room2
Sec. J/K15e6
Sec. J/K17e0
Sec. J/K1n5
Sec. J/K1ne3
Sec. J/K1s5
Sec. J/K2n6
Sec. J/K2s1
Sec. J/K3n4
Sec. J/K3sandron2
Sec. J/K5n4
Sec. J/K5sroom4
Sec. J/Ktower3
Sec. Maroom4
Sec. Qnroom1
Sec. Tairregular74
St. v & A iv 9& bstreet shop8
St. v & A v 6& doorstreet shop5
V.Gd Fortuneaandron2
V.Gd Fortunecflue1
V.Gd Fortunedentrance3
V.Gd Fortuneeanteroom2
V.Gd Fortunehpastas1
V.Gd Fortunejroom2
V.Gd Fortunelcourt1
Villa CCa1incomplete3
Villa CCdroom43
ESH 6dincomplete6
H.Wash Basinfroom13
Sec. Galley 9/10alley0
Sec. GArea 11a1
Sec. GArea 26room1
A -i 9droom35

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