Coin of Olynthus
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Text of Household and City Organization at Olynthus

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The Database (coming soon)

Database of Houses, Rooms and Objects at Olynthus, linked to Site Plan
Help with the database:
Coin of Olynthus

Olynthus GIS prototype

Preliminary thoughts, 2/13/01

Basic searches:

Returns table of results (objects; rooms).

For rooms and houses, individual results (house or room) may be linked to detailed records showing both attributes of house/room and a list of its contents (here for House of Many Colors room a).

Summarizing results of search

A list of objects can be linked to a list of the rooms or houses in which those objects were found. This would not simply be a relational join, but would count how many objects were found in each findspot, and create a result field with the quantity of objects from each room or house.

Demo result for loomweights:


All lists resulting from a db query should be mappable. You should be able to plot individual items on the list, or plot the whole list.

Methods of plotting artifacts:

Mapping a list of rooms simply colors/highlights those rooms (here a demo map of androns)

Resulting maps should be live: clicking on the map should allow user to zoom, recenter, or query. Query layers should include house, room, and distribution currently plotted (i.e. if you're plotting loomweights, clicking on a room would give you a list of the loomweights from that room, if this is possible).

Access from other net resources

We should build in some sort of fairly straightforward system of reference, which would allow others to send queries, create maps, etc. by means of a single link. For instance I'd like to embed links to the database & maps into the sgml version of Settled in an Orderly Fashion (or whatever the title will be), so single clicks would take the user from a discussion of loomweights to a list of loomweights, a map of loomweights, or a map or db query of a specific house which is relevant to the discussion.