List of rooms

(note that only room a is linked to the detailed record; others should be as well)

House Room Room Type Floor Walls Evidence for use Notes Show Details Plot
H.Many Colors a N. room earth plastered workroom: 41 LW's, vases, amphora, 2 grinders, pigment mud plaster; pillar partition to b; wood threshhold, ash on fl. Show Detail Plot
H.Many Colors b light well earth plain under construction: lime, pebbles, pigment; LWs Light well? pillar partition to a. Burning, grey ash on fl.    
H.Many Colors c N. room cement painted, baseboard only misc. finds fl. ptd. yellow, catchbasin red; wooden sill    
H.Many Colors d andron cement painted, panels few finds; 2 spearheads fl. ptd. yellow; E part destroyed; border .87 wide    
H.Many Colors e pastas earth painted, baseboard 2 ptd. altars; 5 amphoras; pots; louter; many bosses walled off fr. ct.; thick tile layer; burning b/    
H.Many Colors f anteroom cement painted, panels krater, furniture (bosses), other pots 18 bosses fr. door @ S    
H.Many Colors g bath earth plain upper & lower grindstone; v. few frags of bathtub; some finds cut stones @ jambs of doors; bedrock ̉benchÓ @ W    
H.Many Colors h flue earth plain many ashes, sherds, bones, LW, pots etc. pillar partition from k; long depression in ctr. of room    
H.Many Colors i court cobble painted altar, misc. hdwr. altar, Doric cap. w. dowel; floor slopes to E; fallen MB wall; stackwork    
H.Many Colors j entrance cobble plastered few finds part cobbled, part earth; drain b/pavement; entrance to andron    
H.Many Colors k kitchen earth painted, baseboard hearth; 3 amphoras at W; relatively few finds (cf. h) painted walls, replastered, ash on fl.; blocked door? to l; pillar partition    
H.Many Colors l exedra pebble painted, panels few finds colonnade; 2 stairbases; blocked door/niche to alley; frags of 2nd storey mosaic    
H.Many Colors m S. room earth plain at least 4 pithoi; louter base frag. in fill floor 0.9 b/ fl. of l; part of W wall plastered? (or fallen fr. l?)