Identification and expansion of abbreviations understood by the editor

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Traditional typographic representation

  1. Panciera, p.17:
    1. co(n)s(ul)
    2. Aug(ustus)
    3. Not covered
    4. Not covered
    5. Not covered
    6. Not covered
    7. Not covered

Regular Expression Test

EpiDoc Encoding

  1. <expan>co<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">n</supplied>s<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">ul</supplied></expan>
  2. <expan>Aug<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">ustus</supplied></expan>
  3. <expan><abbr>Aug<orig>g</orig></abbr><supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">usti duo</supplied></expan>
  4. <expan><abbr>pr<orig><mark type="stop" /></orig></abbr><supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">esbyter</supplied></expan>
  5. <expan>D<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">is</supplied> M<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">anibus</supplied></expan>
  6. <expan>D<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">is</supplied></expan> <expan>M<supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">anibus</supplied></expan>
  7. <expan><abbr>H<orig><space extent="2" dim="horizontal" unit="character" /></orig></abbr><supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">ic</supplied> <abbr>s<orig><space extent="2" dim="horizontal" unit="character" /></orig></abbr><supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">itus</supplied> <abbr>e</abbr><supplied reason="abbreviation" cert="high">st</supplied></expan>

EpiDoc appearance with standard XSLT

  1. co(n)s(ul)
  2. Aug(ustus)
  3. Aug(usti duo)
  4. pr(esbyter)
  5. D(is) M(anibus)
  6. D(is) M(anibus)
  7. H(ic) s(itus) e(st)


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