Deletion of text in antiquity

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Traditional typographic representation

Regular Expression Test

EpiDoc Encoding

  1. et <del rend="erasure" status="unremarkable">Getae Caesari</del> ob rem publicam
  2. et <del rend="erasure" status="unremarkable"><unclear reason="damage" cert="high">Getae</unclear> Caesari</del> ob rem publicam
  3. et <del rend="erasure" status="unremarkable"> <gap id="gap20" reason="illegible" extent="11" unit="character" /> <certainty target="gap20" locus="extent" degree="low" /></del> ob rem publicam
  4. et <del rend="erasure" status="unremarkable"> <gap id="gap21" reason="lost" extent="11" unit="character" /> <certainty target="gap21" locus="extent" degree="low" /></del> ob rem publicam
  5. et <del rend="erasure" status="unremarkable"> <gap id="gap22" reason="lost" extent="11" unit="character" /> <certainty target="gap22" locus="unit" degree="low" /></del> ob rem publicam

EpiDoc appearance with standard XSLT

Responsibility for this section

CVS Information

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