Releasing the full EpiDoc webapp

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This is incomplete ... and so far the procedures assume the windows operating system ...

Export modules into appropriate directory structure

  1. Export (not checkout or update) the webapp module from CVS into the root directory of a volume.
  2. Into the resulting epidoc-webapp directory, export the following modules, creating corresponding sibling directory trees in the epidoc-webapp directory:
    • chetc-js
    • dtd
    • guidelines
    • epidoc-xsl
    • example-xml
  3. Copy the entire epidoc-webapp directory tree into a spot under your Cocoon instance
  4. Test the webapp and its content to make sure it is healthy.

Responsibility for this section

CVS Information

Revision number: $Revision: 1.2 $

Revision name (if any): $Name: r-4-beta-1 $

Revision date: $Date: 2006/04/27 15:47:40 $

Revision committed by: $Author: paregorios $