Tall characters

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Traditional typographic representation

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Regular Expression Test

EpiDoc Encoding

  1. d<hi rend="tall">i</hi>s manibus
  2. Amaran<hi rend="tall">t</hi>ho Agathemeris soror pro meri<hi rend="tall">t</hi>is <hi rend="tall">t</hi>ribu<unclear reason="damage" cert="high">i</unclear><unclear reason="damage" cert="high">t</unclear>

EpiDoc appearance with standard XSLT

  1. dis manibus
  2. Amarantho Agathemeris soror pro meritis tribu


  1. Marking a character as "tall" is purely descriptive. Editorial observations concerning the significance of the character height should be marked up separately. See, e.g., Vowel Quantity.
  2. See also: Small Characters.

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