Transcription where a vacat is evident or suspected

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The element <space/> should be used where a blank space on the stone is considered significant.

Traditional typographic representation

Regular Expression Test

EpiDoc Encoding

  1. Imperator <space dim="horizontal" extent="3" unit="character" /> Caesar
  2. Valeria <space id="space1" dim="horizontal" extent="3" unit="character" /> <certainty target="space1" locus="#gi" degree="low" /> Atticilla
  3. senatus <space id="space2" dim="horizontal" extent="3" unit="character" /> <certainty target="space2" locus="extent" degree="low" /> populusque
  4. dona <space id="space3" dim="horizontal" extent="5" unit="character" /> <certainty target="space3" locus="extent" degree="low" /> <certainty target="space3" locus="#gi" degree="low" /> nobis pacem

EpiDoc appearance with standard XSLT

  1. Imperator (v. 3) Caesar
  2. Valeria (v.? 3) Atticilla
  3. senatus (v. 3?) populusque
  4. dona (v.? 5?) nobis pacem


The use of the <certainty> element in these examples conforms to the consensus reached in a protacted discussion on the Markup list under the rubrics "REQ COMMENT: lacuna/vacat and uncertainty" and "Certainty etc." ( 1-10 June 2002).

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