Transcription wherein vestiges of characters remain, but they cannot be recognized (extent certain or nearly so)

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This section of the guidelines requires revision in concert with DTD changes to realize the solution reached in long, painful discussions on the markup and tei lists. What follows now is almost surely deprecated.

Traditional typographic representation

Regular Expression Test

EpiDoc Encoding

  1. <gap reason="illegible" extent="3" unit="character" />
  2. <gap reason="illegible" extent="10" unit="character" />
  3. <gap id="gap24" reason="illegible" extent="10" unit="character" /> <certainty target="gap24" locus="extent" degree="low" />
  4. <gap id="gap25" reason="illegible" extent="4.2" unit="cm" />
  5. <app><rdg n="default"><gap reason="illegible" extent="1" unit="character" /></rdg><rdg><unclear cert="high" reason="undefined">E</unclear></rdg><rdg><unclear cert="high" reason="undefined">F</unclear></rdg></app>

EpiDoc appearance with standard XSLT

  1.  + + + 
  2.  + 10 + 
  3.  + c.10 + 
  4.  + 4.2cm + 
  5.  + 


Alternative readings

In cases where a letter trace is compatible with a range of characters and the context does not offer an unambiguous choice but the editor wishes to record the possibilities, the alternative interpretations may be offered in a series of <rdg> elements within an <app>. In addition, a <rdg> with the attribute n='default' should contain the <gap reason="illegible"> (see e.g. 5 above).

It is also envisaged that the possibility will exist to record the general shape of the surviving traces using embedded SVG or similar elements which could then be rendered as a drawing.

Where the editor wishes to indicate a preferred reading, see unclear.

Responsibility for this section

CVS Information

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