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House VIII 2,34

Form of house

This house had an entrance on the south side of the street between Insulae VIII 2 and VIII 6. It could also have been entered from the same street through corridor u, along the west side of the house. It had a ground-floor area of c. 700 m2, thus belonging to Wallace-Hadrill's Quartile 4 (1994:81). The house had a fairly standard front-hall/garden plan but with a relatively long front hall, a terrace rather than a garden, and underground rooms below the terrace.

Excavation reports

Unpublished: GdSc A,VI,3 (Jan 1883﹣Oct 1899):32﹣39.

Published: Fiorelli 1885:162﹣64, 257; Mau 1886:148﹣57.

Excavation recording

This house was excavated between June and July 1885. Hence, its recording is similar to that of the later excavations of the Casa di Giuseppe II.*

Interpretation of whole house

There are indications that the rooms along the east side of the front hall had been disturbed after the eruption. The separate entrance from the street to the lower floor suggests that this may have been divided into separate dwellings. Noack and Lehmann-Hartleben (1936:154) dated the transformation and the creation of storerooms or workrooms around the front hall to after the AD 62 earthquake. However, they dated the Fourth-Style decoration in rooms f and g to an earlier phase (1936:51). It has also been observed that rooms i and h may have had further alterations and that the front hall continued to have a domestic function after it had been downgraded or its decoration left incomplete. This indicates that there had been further phases of alteration after the Fourth-Style decoration, none of which can be definitively related to the AD 62 earthquake.

* This house was very probably excavated before the late nineteenth-century excavations, but it is not possible to identify precisely the excavations of this house in the earlier reports.