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House VIII 5,9

Form of house

This house had one entrance on the south side of the Via dell'Abbondanza. It also had two others to the east from the small lane running south through the center of this insula. It had a ground-floor area of c. 650 m2, thus belonging to Wallace-Hadrill's Quartile 4 (1994:81). The house had a relatively standard front-hall/garden plan but with only a small partly colonnaded garden lying crossways to the front hall area.

Excavation reports

Unpublished: GdSc A,VI,2 (Sept. 1870﹣Dec 1882):197, 423﹣36

Published Fiorelli 1881:197, 248, 300﹣2; Mau 1883:174﹣77

Excavation recording

This house was excavated between July 1881 and May 1882. Almost no information exists on the state of the deposit or on the condition of structure and decoration of this house at the time of excavation.

Interpretation of whole house

Mau observed (1883:174) that the front hall and surrounding rooms had been the family living quarters while the rear of the house had been given over to more utilitarian/industrial activities. The lack of recorded activity in the front part of the house is perhaps attributable to post-eruption disturbance. While there may have been evidence of commercial/industrial activity in the rear of the house, which no doubt would have downgraded this entertainment area (see the Casa del Fabbro), some remains suggested formal activities in this area. The occupants may have been living in mixed and possibly disrupted conditions before the eruption.