Some Lexicographic Terminology in the Suda:

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(Not terribly well-organized at present!)
o(/ti it is said that
kai\ zh/tei e)n tw=| also look under the entry for
diforei=tai - spelled in two ways
fula/ttei - preserves (sc. omega in the oblique cases)
suste/llei - shortens
e)ktei/nei - lengthens

kat' a)nti/frasin - euphemistically

*peri\ o)noma/twn concerning nouns
ptw/seis cases or inflections
e)/gklisis declension, inflection or any derivative form
h( eu)qei=a the nominative
genikh=| in the genitive
dotikh=| in the dative
ai)tiatikh=| in the accusative
dui+kw=s in the dual form

xwri\s a)/rqrou without an article
tw=| to/nw| w(s with the same accent as
*peri\ pneuma/twn concerning breathings
dase/ws [dasu/netai, dasuno/menon] with a rough breathing
yilw=s [yilou=tai, yilou/menon] with a smooth breathing

*peri\ genw=n concerning genders
qhlukw=s feminine
a)rsenikw=s in the masculine
ou)de/teron neuter

e(nikw=s or e(niko\n singular
plhquntikw=s plural

peri\ r(hma/twn concerning verbs
peri\ suzugi/as concerning conjugation
paratatiko/s - imperfect
o( me/llwn the future
a)o/ristos aorist
o( parakei/menos the perfect
u(persunteliko\s the pluperfect
o( paqhtiko\s the passive voice
o( meso/ths middle voice

o(ristikh/ indicative
u(potaktikh/ subjunctive
au)qupo/takton aorist subjunctive
eu)ktikw=s in the optative
prostaktikw=s in the imperative
h( metoxh\ the participle
a)pare/mfata infinitives

to\ tri/ton third person

*peri\ diale/ktwn, *dwri/dos, *)ia/dos, *ai)oli/dos, *)atqi/dos
*)iakw=s Ionic
*)attikw=s Attic

*peri\ sugkritikw=n concerning comparatives (and note that *peri\ plus the genitive is often the title of a treatise, Concerning Something or Other)

e)pi\ + gen. anthrop - in the reign of
e)pi\ + gen. otherwise - in reference to
basileu/s (in Roman contexts) - emperor
u(/patos - consul (and u(patiko/s consular)
anqupatos - proconsul

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