Brussels 4147: Appendix Notes

1  Briquet 1907, vols. iii–iv. Comparisons drawn from more recent publications (e.g. Piccard 1961 and Piccard 1979) have not yielded any more refined results, though the closest crown mark (Piccard 1961, No. 193) is indicated as Rome 1486–8. Beta-radiography is unfortunately not currently available at the Bibliothèque Royale to help illustrate the watermarks of Brussels 4147.

2  In Masai & Wittek 1982, 105, the watermark Briquet 4746 is stated erroneously as the closest match to the crown mark here.

3  The only plausibly dated person of this name found so far is the Giovanni Antonio Marchione, commissario of Chiavenna, in the very north of Italy near the Swiss borner, around 1731–2: see the 'Nota delle spese che le comunità esteriori devono abbonare agli assessori per la sostra della Rippa, stati nell'offizio del signor commissario Albertino', dated 1732 at Chiavenna, accessible online at the time of writing at:
[no. 213] (accessed 6 July 2006). It is quite impossible to know at present whether this person has anything whatsoever to do with the Brussels manuscript. Another remote conjecture could be that the fol. 90 jotting refers to, or was written by, Selvaggi's early philosophy teacher Antonio de Martiis (cf. Castaldi 1840, 236–7), though the 1688 date – if this is what it is – seems a little early for this to be viable.