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Spiral Number 14, Panel D

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Associated Slides:

Drawing of group of Dacian warriors (Spiral: 14)
Head of Dacian (Spiral: 14d)
Dacian warrior (Spiral: 14d)
Detail of an overlapped window (Spiral: 14d)
Group of Dacian warriors (Spiral: 14d)
Tool-mark drawing (Spiral: 14a)
Hand of Dacian (Spiral: 14d)
Romans defend their fort (Spiral: 14d)
Romans defend their fort (Spiral: 14d)
Mountain fort (Spiral: 14c)
Romans defending their fort (Spiral: 14d)
Dacian camp gate (Spiral: 14c)
Sacrifice at altars (Spiral: 14b)
Head of Trajan (Spiral: 14b)
Dacian legs (Spiral: 14d)
Legs of Dacians (Spiral: 14d)
Dacian warriors (Spiral: 14d)
Barbarians greeting Trajan (Spiral: 14a)
Building; fallen Dacians (Spiral: 14d)
Detail of window (Spiral: 14b-c)

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The McMaster Trajan Project, 1999