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Scene Number: 108, 113-114
Subject: A shot showing a sudden change in the border
Spiral & Panel Number:17a
Drum Number(s): 13-14
Subject Description: Below, Roman troops are marching. Above, they are besieging a Dacian fortress.
Subject Keywords: _
Tool & Technical Description: Note that the border is horizontal to the midpoint of this shot, even though the troops in the scene below are moving slowly upwards and as a result are being somewhat squashed. This horizontal section of border corresponds exactly to the drum joint, and may be evidence of carving taking place on the lower drum before the upper one had been moved into position.
Tool Keywords: composition
Photographer: pr
CD Number: 5
Image Number: 52
PR Slide Number: 205.0402
Record Number: 288
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The McMaster Trajan Project, 1999