The McMaster Column of Trajan Project was made possible thanks to generous support from Peter Rockwell, the Togo Salmon Roman Studies Fund of McMaster University and the Humanities Computing Centre McMaster University. Peter Rockwell provided not only access to the images used here but support for the researchers who developed the database and introductory materials.

Comments or suggestions are welcome. Please send your comments to Gretchen Umholtz, .

This site is dedicated to Claudio Martini, who passed away in 1999.


Paul Barrette created the website, on-line database and CGI scripts.

Martin Beckmann recorded database information and had Peter Rockwell's slides scanned in Rome, summer 1998. He also wrote the introductory essays on the Column of Trajan.

Michele George edited, proof-read, test-drove and advised.

Saul Rich digitized the cartoon drawings and designed the navigation system for using them.

Geoffrey Rockwell originated the project and supervised the programing.

Gretchen Umholtz did overall project supervision, wrote the introductory remarks on the home page, and edited, test-drove and advised. 

Copyright Statement

The images on which this WWW site is based were taken by Peter Rockwell and Claudio Martini. Peter Rockwell retains the copyright to these images. Should you want to use the images in another form contact him at

Peter Rockwell
Viale di Villa Doria Pamphili 20
Rome, Italy


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The McMaster Trajan Project, 1999