Unicode Polytonic Greek for the Web

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History of UPGW3

The original draft version of UPGW3 was written to answer questions from a few members of the Classics list (moderated by Linda Wright) who wished to find an easy-to-read, easy-to-write method of representing ancient Greek in World Wide Web pages; an updated and draft expanded version, "Unicode Polytonic Greek for the Web: A Demonstration," was posted sometime in 2000 on my former personal web space at Ziplink.net. After comprehensive criticisms from members of the classical, biblical studies, and Unicode communities, and encouragement from Stoa Consortium Editors Ross Scaife and Anne Mahoney, I started work on a new draft in in mid-2000; a number of intermediate drafts were posted to my personal web space at MediaOne and my consulting space at Methymna.com (where UPGW3 is currently mirrored).


I'd like to thank the following people who have contributed to the development of these pages with suggestions, discussion, or critique; please note that none of them are responsible for any of the failings of this project:

Ross Scaife
Anne Mahoney
Jeffrey Rusten
Deborah Anderson
Tom Elliot
Ralph Hancock
David Perry
Patrick Duruseau
Donald Mastronarde
Nick Nicholas
Gabriel Bodard
Maria Pantelia
David Chamberlain
Sean Redmond
Alex Gian
Peter Heslin
Phil Peek
H. Gunnarson
James Naughton
Peter Constable
J.L.H. Krans
Bruce Robertson
Alfred Kriman
David Meadows

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